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06/01/2006 Archived Entry: "VIVA BEISBOL (Mexican Pro Baseball News) June 2006"


An All-Star Game is something badly needed, especially in the Mexican Pacific League, which has already gone enough time without celebrating one because the last such event they had was a total economic and sports failure. However, a stellar party is a badly needed one because the public likes it and it generally makes for a good game, although much money is lost in putting one on.

Nevertheless, the Liga Mexicana should grant the All-Star Game to the teams that through the years have demonstrated that they are winners. Now, so it seems, they’ve given a prize to the Aguascalientes Rieleros for having the worst record in the first half, a completely ridiculous situation with only 13 wins and 42 losses.

Unlike last year, the All-Star Game will decide whether the LMB Finals will begin in the North or South; but to eight of the 16 teams (including Aguascalientes), their chances of reaching the Finals are as probable as having an All-Star Game on the moon.

An interesting extra in the generally boring All-Star Game is something of an international touch, since with the presence of nearly 20 members of the Diablos Rojos and Tigres, it could be said that the South is the team of Mexico and the North is the team of foreigners. With our hope that the South beats the team with foreigners, the All-Star Game means as much as if it were one that counted.

Until now, the best All-Star Games in history were those of 1947 and 48 when Jorge Pasquel had the great idea to give an international touch by having the best Mexican ballplayers face the best foreigners. They were games which had many thousands watching in Mexico City’s Delta Park.

They continued playing these encounters with that system which pleased so many, but soon returned to the North versus South, which does not have the charisma of games with an international flavor. A time ago, they revived the game of Mexicans versus Foreigners, and brought in very good attendance to Mexico City’s Foro Sol, when the still-new stadium was a taboo stop for most of the fans.

by Tomas Morales, Esto (Salon de la Fama member)
Adapted from a translation

LMB NORTHERN DIVISION Final First Half Standings

1) MONTERREY SULTANES (39-16/.709/0.0GB)
Top Batters: Dionys Cesar (.378/5/35), Mendy Lopez (.375/12/41), Edgar Quintero (.346/15/59)
Top Pitchers: Walter Silva (7-3/4.31), Alfredo Aceves (6-2/4.08) Maximo de la Rosa (4-2/3.03/13sv)

2T) PUEBLA PERICOS (34-22/.607/5.5GB)
Top Batters: Manny Martinez (.373/11/54), Donny Leon (.347/15/55), Edwards Guzman (.341/8/45)
Top Pitchers: Emil Kamar (7-4/4.76), Eric Knott (6-4/3.69), Cruz Antonio Soto (1-0/3.20/7sv)

2T) SALTILLO SARAPEROS (34-22/.607/5.5GB)
Top Batters: Noe Munoz (.372/3/31), Jorge Luis Valle (.354/3/28), Christian Presichi (.307/11/42)
Top Pitchers: Steve Bourgeois (4-1/4.66), Alejandro Rios (4-2/3.61), Noel Salas (6-0/2.91)

4) TIJUANA POTROS (32-24/.571/7.5GB)
Top Batters: Derrick White (.455/12/46), Randall Simon (.373/14/55), George Arias (.303/16/60)
Top Pitchers: Alonso Beltran (7-3/5.44), Claudio Moreno (5-2/4.60), Mac Suzuki (1-2/2.77/9sv)

5) SAN LUIS POTOSI TUNEROS (27-29/.482/12.5GB)
Top Batters: Alejandro Ahumada (.370/2/28), Sharnol Adriana (.353/5/35), Carlos Villalobos (.340/8/38)
Top Pitchers: Rigo Loya (4-1/4.50), Edgar Leyva (4-4/6.24), Mauro Nieblas (0-0/1.65/12sv)

6) MONCLOVA ACEREROS 24-32/.429/15.5GB)
Top Batters: Raul Lopez (.371/6/30), Ricardo Saenz (.363/12/42), Jayson Bass (.350/9/24)
Top Pitchers: Jasiel Acosta (5-3/4.73), Pasqual Coco (3-5/4.74), Enrique Ramirez (3-4/3.41/12sv)

7) LAGUNA VAQUEROS (22-34/393/17.5GB)
Top Batters: Rafael Castaneda (.409/5/44), Jose Amador (.354/6/26), Eddy Diaz (.297/8/42)
Top Pitchers: Joel Navarro (4-4/5.43), Gilberto Gonalez (3-4/7.04), Jose Mercedes (3-6/4.13/5sv)

Top Batters: Abel Martinez (.378/0/37), Grimaldo Martinez (.339/3/28), Eduardo Rios (.308/14/51)
Top Pitchers: Ricardo Palma (4-1/5.01), Eduardo Salgado (3-4/6.98), Edgar Perez (1-3/4.53)

LMB SOUTHERN DIVISION Final First Half Standings

Top Batters: Geronimo Gil (.399/7/49), Robert Saucedo (.352/15/50), Mario Valdez (.328/15/48)
Top Pitchers: Roberto Ramirez (7-3/5.99), Rudy Gonzalez (6-3/3.47), Joakim Soria (0-0/1.09/12sv)

2) ANGELOPOLIS TIGRES (32-24/.571/3.5GB)
Top Batters: Javier Robles (.393/14/51), Serafin Rodriguez (.382), Jorge Alberto Vazquez (.329/14/48)
Top Pitchers: Jesus Guzman (8-1/3.72), Pablo Ortega (3-3/6.10), Adrian Marzano (3-4/5.34/12sv)

3) OAXACA GUERREROS (31-25/.554/4.5GB)
Top Batters: Pedro Valdes (.357/3/43), Jaime Brena (.345/2/24), Efren Espinoza (.307/12/37)
Top Pitchers: Carlos Garcia (7-1/3.49), Carlos Elizalde (5-6/3.38), Carlos Pulido (3-4/4.39)

4) YUCATAN LEONES (29-26/.527/6.0GB)
Top Batters: Luis Arredondo (.367/3/32), Willie Romero (.358/6/30), Pedro Castellano (.305/6/48)
Top Pitchers: Salvador Arellano (7-2/4.08), Oscar Rivera (3-5/4.25), Jose Vargas (4-2/1.59/12sv)

5T) CAMPECHE PIRATAS (24-32/.429/11.5GB)
Top Batters: Jose Leon (.338/17/49), Roberto Vizcarra (.338/6/36), Anton French (.308)
Top Pitchers: Francisco Campos 6-2/3.80), Miguel Ruiz (4-5/3.84), Juan Jesus Alvarez (3-2/3.17)

5T) TABASCO OLMECAS (24-32/.429/11.5GB)
Top Batters: Scott Bullett (.361/6/37), Carlos Sievers (.305/6/32), Tom Evans (.281/12/34)
Top Pitchers: Vinny Gonzalez (4-4/3.01), Jose Santiago (4-3/4.75), Isidro Marquez (1-4/3.38/8sv)

7) VERACRUZ ROJOS AGUILAS (23-32/.418/12.0GB)
Top Batters: Willis Otanez (.374/5/30), Tilson Brito (.324/11/40), Omar Ramirez (.324/4/19)
Top Pitchers: Ignacio Montano (4-2/3.94), Hector Navarro (1-5/4.28), Sixto Baez (3-0/1.46/13sv)

8) POZA RICA PETROLEROS (22-33/.400/13.0GB)
Top Batters: Jose Amado (.360/10/44), Selwyn Langaigne (.326/1/22), Noe Mata (.307/5/31)
Top Pitchers: Hansel Iquierdo (3-3/2.47), Guadalupe Perez (4-2/7.51), Geraldo Buena (1-0/1.74/6sv)


MAY 30-JUNE 1: Aguascalientes at Tabasco, Monterrey at Oaxaca, Monclova at Angelopolis, Puebla at Yucatan, San Luis at Veracruz, Saltillo at Poza Rica, Tijuana at Campeche, Laguna at Mexico City

JUNE 2-4: Aguascalientes at Veracruz, Monterrey at Angelopolis, Monclova at Oaxaca, Puebla at Campeche, San Luis at Tabasco, Saltillo at Mexico City, Tijuana at Yucatan, Laguna at Poza Rica

JUNE 6-8: Campeche at Laguna, Mexico City at Puebla, Oaxaca at San Luis, Poza Rica at Tijuana, Tabasco at Monclova, Angelopolis at Aguascalientes, Veracruz at Monterrey, Yucatan at Saltillo

JUNE 9-11: Campeche at Saltillo, Mexico City at Tijuana, Oaxaca at Aguascalientes, Poza Rica at Puebla, Tabasco at Monterrey, Angelopolis at San Luis, Veracruz at Monclova, Yucatan at Laguna

JUNE 13-15: Aguascalientes at San Luis, Campeche at Yucatan, Monterrey at Monclova, Oaxaca at Angelopolis, Poza Rica at Mexico City, Puebla at Tijuana, Tabasco at Veracruz, Laguna at Saltillo

JUNE 16-17: Monclova at Monterrey, Mexico City at Poza Rica, San Luis at Aguascalientes, Saltillo at Laguna, Angelopolis, at Oaxaca, Tijuana at Puebla, Veracruz at Tabasco, Yucatan at Campeche

JUNE 18: Monclova at Monterrey, San Luis at Aguascalientes, Saltillo at Laguna, Angelopolis at Oaxaca, Tijuana at Puebla, Veracruz at Tabasco, Yucatan at Campeche

JUNE 20-22: Campeche at Veracruz, Oaxaca at Mexico City, Poza Rica at Angelopolis, Puebla at Aguascalientes, Saltillo at Monclova, Tijuana at San Luis, Laguna at Monterrey, Yucatan at Tabasco

JUNE 23-25: Aguascalientes at Tijuana, Monterrey at Saltillo, Monclova at Laguna, Oaxaca at Poza Rica, San Luis at Puebla, Tabasco at Campeche, Angelopolis at Mexico City, Veracruz at Yucatan

JUNE 27-29: Aguascalientes at Puebla, Monterrey at Laguna, Monclova at Saltillo, Mexico City at Oaxaca, San Luis at Tijuana, Tabasco at Yucatan, Angelopolis at Poza Rica, Veracruz at Campeche

Teolindo Antonio Acosta (Lazaro)
Height: 5’6”. Weight: 158.
Born: July 23, 1937
Birthplace: Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Batted/Threw: Left/Left
Position: Outfielder

Never a power hitter, the diminutive Teo Acosta made contact, seldom struck out, and in 1971 and 1974 out-hit every other professional player. Despite his five batting titles, he couldn’t break out of Triple A. He won four consecutive stolen base crowns at the start of his career, and copped three Mexican League batting championships between 1969 and 1974.

Acosta retired from pro ball at age 39 after the 1976 season with a 19-year batting average of .328 (including a .345 mark over nine Mexican League seasons, mostly with Yucatan), but is not a member of the Salon de la Fama in Monterrey.

MEXICAN LEAGUE TOTALS (9 seasons): 1101 GP,35 HRs, 456 RBIs, .345 BA, 132 SB
MINOR LEAGUE TOTALS (19 seasons): 2272GP, 64HRs, 874 RBIs, .328 BA, 389 SB

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