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05/28/2005 Archived Entry: "Mexican League News : All Star Game Preview ; Old Timers Roster"

By Carlos Fragoso

Previous to the upcoming All Sar Game, an Old Timers game between Puebla Parrots and Angelopolis Tigers will take place in which ,audience woul refresh their memories watching these great fromer players on action once again, as they didi in their good old days.For our readers, in trying to introduce who those were players were and their accomplishments while playing in Mexican League, following you´ll find that highlights.


Has played in Mexican League for over 50 years, and has gotten 8 titles, being the first one when in 1955 made their debut under George Genovese.Alejo Peralta the founder of this club , and today his son Carlos Peralta who once tried to buy the Anaheim Angels, is the current owner.Great known palyers have played in this club, suchs as, Leo Rodriguez a fine 3B, Paul Pettit ,Angel Castro , Al Grunwald , Jim Baumer ,Alejandro Carrasquel a Venezuelan who reached major leagues , Felipe Montemayor ( Pittsburgh 53, 55) ,Alvin Jackson, Vernon Piver ,Fred Waters , Bobby Avila , Luis Tiant , Pompeyo Davalillo , Celerino Sanchez ( Yankees 81) , Vicente Romo ( Boston, San Diego), Jose Peña ( Dodgers, Reds) , Warren Spahn (played in 1966) , John " Blue Moon " Odom ,Wayne Wranger , Ted Ford , Wayne Simpson , George Brunet ,John Roy Mathias , Tom Silverio , Carlos Lopez ( Seattle 80¨s) , Andres Mora ( Baltimore) ,George Scott , Cutris Brown ,Rich Leon , Ralph Garr , Von Joshua ; Dick Pole ; Dereck Bryant ( Oakland) ,Doug Ault , Dick Drago ,John Montague ,Mark Gunderbunk ,Thad Bosley , Alvin Moore ,Matias Carrillo , Homar Rojas (Dodgers) , John Urrea ,Jack Pierce , Todd Cruz , Al Chambers , Mike Kinnunen , Greg Le Fevre , Barbaro Garbey ,Dave Veres , Lee Upshaw , Darryl Motley , Daniel Garibay ( Dodgers, Brewers) , Hector Villanueva , Dave Lynch ,Luis Polonia , Alex Cabrera and so many others.



GREGORIO LUQUE , played 17 seasons mainly with Tigers ans Saltillo, batted .234 lifetime a highly defensive catcher ,GERARDO GUTIERREZ, played 12 seasons in ML, 3 of those with Tigers and managed the team to one of their titles, in 1992.HOMAR ROJAS played in as many as 20 seasons ,batting .290 , 5 with Tigers in his early years good enough to be cosnidered a prospect and purchased by Dodgers to wom playe some years in farm clubs.


In the mid 60´s and early 70's ,Tigers had a regarded infield who was considered as " the million pesos infield" formed by 1B RUBEN ESQUIVIAS, 2B ARNOLDO "KIKO" CASTRO , SS FERNADO REMS and 3B ARMANDO MURILLO , they all will be present in this game, plus CARLOS GARZA, ADULFO CAMACHO .


In same years their outfield was the best in league with CF MANUEL PONCE , PANCHO GARCIA the father of KARIM GARCIA whose grand slam off Chicago White Sox in 1963 here in Mexico City, in exhibition game is one of the best memories baseball fans have.HECTOR BARNETCHE , a University of Arizona Product and HECTOR ZAMUDIO.Barnetche the league rookie of the year in 1965, when Tigers was the champions.


vicente romo who pitched in big leagues with Dodegrs, Cleveland, ChiSox , and Padres with a combined 32-33 record, and one of the greates pitcher ever in Mexico, played 16 seasons and had a lifetime record of 182-106 with 1857 K, 2.49 ERA,the best in league, will lead the staff along with another great JOSE PEÑA who also reached major leagues with Cincinnatti and Dodgers as reliever,and had a combined record of 7-4 in 112 innings pitched,in 1969-72, however in Mexican League he posted a lifetime record of 214-154 with 1832 KO, and 3.09 ERA in 19 seasons. Currently a scout for Red Devils as Romo is a pitching coach today for Laguna Cowboys.Also joining the will be ENRIQUE 2THE FIREMAN"CASTILLO , the closer in those days (1961- 1969) , pitched for Tigers almost 1000 innings as reliever, when saves satistics were not recorded , and finished close to 2000 innings whe he retired.
ANGEL MORENO who once reached major leagues with Anaheim, adn JESUS RIOS both still active as pitchers, will also join the team.


JOSE LUIS "CHITO GARCIA , a milestone in this team, as Manager won titles in 1965,66 as GM as well,will be assite with former managers RICARDO GARZA,JESUS ROBLES,bat boy JOSE LUIS "BIRD" IBARRA whos has been with the team since 1965 will be present as well.



FRANCISCO "PAQUIN ESTRADA" current Campeche Pirates manager, who palyed for 26 season, batting .275 lifetime, played with Puebla in 1986 when they got the title, the last one of their total 4th they have gotten.Estrada caught one game with Mets in 1971, and went 2-1 in the game, then he was part of the trade that took Jim Fregosi to Mets in exchange for NOLAN RYAN , Don Rose Leroy Stanton and Estrada to Angels.,in Dec 10, 1971.


JESUS SOMMERS, the hits recordman and seasons played with 26 will be there along with former Twins SS, and current Mexico City Red Devils skipper, ALFONSO"HOUSTON"JIMENEZ , RONNIE CAMACHO and MOI CAMACHO who has no relationship,but the destruction power they had while playing for Puebla in th early 60´s.




MIGUEL SOTELO, a fine pitcher, one of the winningest pitchers ever for Puebla, had a lifetime record in ML of 133-115 in only 12 seasons , mainly with Puebla.ERNESTO ESCARREGA who pitched for Chicago White Sox in 1982, and posted a lifetime record of 192-141 in 20 seasons will lead the staff,along with another former big leaguer GERMAN JIMENEZ (Atlanta ,1986), CEASR DIAZ who spent 21 seasons with a lifetime record of 208-184, and PABLO GUTIERREZ DELFIN who spent 13 seasons with a 129-76 recordand 2.73 ERA.


JORGE FITCH one of the finest SS ever in Mexican League, played 16 seasons, with a .272 lifetime avg, mainly with Parrotts will be the manager ,asisted by another Puebla great JOSE GUERRERO a former 3B when they got the title back in 1963, with Fitch in SS, Moi Camacho in 2B and Ronnie Cmacho in 1B.

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