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07/29/2004 Archived Entry: "Olympic Baseball News"

European Teams Rosters. By Vincenzo Russo

Olympic Baseball Tournament is approaching (August 15 – 25) and teams are preparing for the “kermesse” licensing their preliminary rosters (official rosters have to be submitted to CIO on August 5) and playing friendly games. The following is an analysis of the three European teams are playing in Athens.

Italian roster is packed with American (9), Venezuelan (2) and Dominican (2) born players with Italian heritage (Italian Serie A1 clubs in brackets). 3 players will be cut from the roster before August 5 to set the 24 – man format required from CIO.

Riccardo DE SANTIS (Grosseto); William LUCENA (Modena. Venezuelan born player); Michael MARCHESANO (Rimini. American born player, former indy-leaguer); Anthony MASSIMINO (Parma. American born player); Fabio MILANO (Bologna); Peter NYARI (San Marino. American born player, former minor leaguer/AA with Philadelphia); Kasey OLENBERGER (Parma. American born player); Sandy PATRONE (Rimini. Dominican born player); Diego RICCI (Nettuno); Carlos RICHETTI (Anzio. Dominican born player); David ROLLANDINI (Grosseto. American born player, former indy-leaguer. Leader of the Italian Serie A1 with 0.00 ERA in 80 IP!!!)

Luca BISCHERI (Grosseto); Marcello MALAGOLI (Modena); Vincent PARISI (Parma. American born player)

Davide DALLOSPEDALE (Bologna); Seth LA FERA (Parma. American born player); Claudio LIVERZIANI (Bologna. Former minor leaguer/A with Seattle); Gabriele ERMINI (Grosseto); Jairo RAMOS GIZZI (Grosseto. Venezuelan born player, playing for the Caracas Leones of the Venezuelan winter league); Giovanni PANTALEONI (Bologna); Igor SCHIAVETTI (Nettuno)

OUTFIELDERS (6)James BUCCHERI (Rimini. American born player, former minor leaguer/AAA with Mets and Devil Rays); Francesco CASOLARI (Grosseto); Mario CHIARINI (Rimini. Former minor leaguer with Seattle/Rookie ball); David FRANCIA (Grosseto. American born player, former minor leaguer/AAA with Philadelphia); Daniele FRIGNANI (Bologna); Giuseppe MAZZANTI (Nettuno).

Roster is packed with American born players with Greek heritage. Baltimore Orioles owner, the greek Peter Angelos, aided to pack up the team. The team lost Ps Kevin PICKFORD (Giants/AAA), Troy PICKFORD (Tigers/A), Tony STAVROS (Brewers/Aadv) and Tom LYONS (Tigers/A) for injury.

PITCHERS (10): A.J. BRACK (New Haven, independent), Alex CREMIDAN (Diamondbacks/A), Laurence HEISLER, Meleti MELEHES, Christoforos ROMPINSON, Pete SIKARAS (Diamondbacks/AA), Peter SOTEROPOULOS (Cardinals/A), Sean SPENCER (Orioles/AAA-AA), Jared THEODORAKOS (Brewers/R), Clint ZAVARAS (former Big leaguer/Mariners 1989).

CATCHERS (4): Dimitrios DOUROS, George KOTTARAS (Padres/A), Michael KOUTSANTONAKIS, Erik PAPPAS (former Big leaguer/104 games with Cubs and Cardinals in 1991 - 1994).

INFIELDERS (5): Clay BELLINGER (Orioles/AAA), Brad BOURAS (Cubs/R), Chris DEMETRAL (former minor leaguer/7 AAA season), Peter MAESTRALES (Newark, independent), Vasili SPANOS (A's/A).

OUTFIELDERS (5): Cory HARRIS (Orioles/A-Aadv.), Jim KAVOURIAS (Marlins/Aadv-AA), Bobby KINGSBURY (Pirates/A), Nick MARKAKIS (Orioles/A, 2002 first round pick), Nick THEODOROU (Dodgers/AAA).


Dutch are expected to bolster their roster with the additions of some current minor leaguers. The probably additions are: Vince ROOI (OF – Montreal/AA-Aadv); Danny ROMBLEY (Montreal/AA-Aadv); Yurendell DE CASTER (Pittsburgh/AA); Chairon ISENIA (C – Tampa Bay/AA); Alex SMIT (Minnesota/R)

Patrick BELJAARDS (DPA Kinheim); Rob CORDEMANS (DOOR Neptunus); Robin VAN DOORNSPEEK (Konica Minolta Pioniers); Dave DRAYER (Mr. Cocker HCAW); Eelco JANSEN (DOOR Neptunus); Michiel VAN KAMPEN (Mr. Cocker HCAW); Roger KOPS (Konica Minolta Pioniers); Patrick DE LANGE (Mr. Cocker HCAW); Calvin MADURO (Mr. Cocker HCAW. Former big-leaguer, 68 games with Phillies and Orioles in 1996-2002); Diegomar MARKWELL (Sparta/Feyenoord. Former minor leaguer with Toronto/AA)

Maikel BENNER (DOOR Neptunus); Sidney DE JONG (Mr. Cocker HCAW)

Sharnol ADRIANA (Yucatan/Mexican League); Michael DUURSMA (Konica Minolta Pioniers); Evert Jan ’T HOEN (DOOR Neptunus); Percy ISENIA (DOOR Neptunus); Raily LEGITO (DOOR Neptunus); Ralph MILLIARD (Mr. Cocker HCAW. Former big-leaguer, 42 games with Marlins and Mets in 1996-1998); Jeroen SLUIJTER (DOOR Neptunus)

Johnny BALENTINA (DPA Kinheim); Brian ENGELHARDT (Ubink & Co/Almere ’90); Dirk VAN 'T KLOOSTER (DOOR Neptunus); Harvey MONTE (DOOR Neptunus. Former minor leaguer with Seattle/A); Glenn ROMNEY (Konica Minolta Pioniers)

European teams in Athens will compete with 5 very strong teams: Cuba and Japan (a selection of their major leagues) will play for gold, but take a look to Canada, Australia and Taiwan for the medals. European chances are few, but all three teams will be fiercing competitors.

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