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12/19/2007 Archived Entry: "German Baseball News"

2007 German League winners and an extended review of the 2006 season

2006 German League Results
2007 Preview of Final Results

I was not able to provide a review of the 2006 season, primarily due to travel to Japan and then health issues, so I am doing so now Also here is a brief look at the 2007 season final results. A more detailed description will be provided as I have time.

The upper division of the German League continus its format of two divisions, North and South, with the top four teams from each division meeting in a playoff to determine the overall champion.

In 2006, the top four teams in the North were:


The South regular season top four were:

Heidenheim (tie)
Mainz (tie)

The playoffs left Solingen and Heidenheim as co-champs with identical 3-0 records. Those two were followed in order by:

Mainz (3-1)
Regensburg (3-2)
Cologne (2-3)
Bonn (1-3)
Paderborn (0-3) (tie)
Saarlouis (0-3) (tie)

Batting leader for co-champ Mainz was 2nd baseman Bryan Moore at .360. Top pitcher was Manuel Moller at 12-3-1.90

For Heidenheim, leading hitter was shortstop Andrew Larsen with a hefty .444 average, followed closely by catcher Simon Guhring at .410. Top pitcher was Markus Winkler at 9-1-3.43.

Larsen, from Murray Utah had some extensive time in the American minor leagues. His U.S. career can be found on this web page:

Guhring, from Stuttgart, German, played for two season in the Arizona League. Find his American stats here:

The top division is only the tip of the iceberg for the German League which has an extensive lower division setup. Following the championship series, the bottom two teams from the lower division play the top two from the upper division to determine which, if any, lower division teams move up, if any, and which upper division teams move down.

I will, in the coming weeks, work up a more detailed compilation of final results for the 2007 season. For now, I will just report that the two top teams, after the playoffs, were Regensburg, at 8-2 in the playoffs, followed by Mainz at 9-4.

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