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04/06/2006 Archived Entry: "Let the good times roll!!!"

A start to a wonderful new season in the MLB- by Trent Harrison

All right! We all get it, there is a controversy surrounding baseball. Let's try this angle for a change, just for kicks. Why not let the powers that be do their work in this new investigation and all of us can go back to talking about the game. Let's all get into the real scope of the new season here. The new found league parity is really taking shape, its undeniable. Look at all the teams last year that finished above .500, and all those that stayed in contention late in the season, what a great year that was!!

We have a very exciting year of baseball staring us in the face, and people( mostly wannabe writers and bloggers, of which regrettably, I am a part of)want to talk steroids. Look, lay off Barry's hat size, and watch Vlad's bat speed. There is some real action heating up in both leagues, and if your not paying attention, you could miss out on some of the best up'n'comers this league has produced in quite some time.

I'll give you some help here, A couple teams to watch out for:
AL-Cleveland, i told you to watch these guys last year, now they're on everyone's radar.
Seattle, rough go last year, just a pticher away from helping this dangerous lineup.
NL-Pittsburgh, look I'm not saying playoffs here, but think spoiler, these guys are going to be pesky.
Dodgers, see my Seattle take
I'll be back for more soon people, so get out to the ballpark!!!

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Don't forget the Philadelphia Phillies.

Posted by Max Blue @ 04/07/2006 05:40 AM EST

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