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04/22/2006 Archived Entry: "Phillies Journal - 2006"

Phillies Journal - 2006

by Max Blue


Yo, Pat,

Enough is enough. This is unacceptable. Speaking for Phillies’ fans, which I take it as my red-pin-striped right, I need to tell you how to fix this mess. I would write to Charlie Manuel, but I know he wouldn’t listen. Ed Wade was like that, too. We have suffered enough, please take note, Mr. GM.

The burden of the attack for the last three losing years has been on Rollins, Abreu, Burrell, Bell, and Lieberthal. What made anybody think it would be different this year? Ed Wade kept Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the minors one or two years too long, and now that they have arrived Charlie Manuel has put them in batting order spots that utilize maybe twenty percent of their potential. The only chance for the Phillies is to turn it over to Rowand, Utley, and Howard. They should be hitting in just that order following Abreu, who might be the best leadoff hitter nobody ever saw. Jimmy Rollins is terrific, but forget about hitting streaks, he should not be leading off. Above all—put it in big letters—RYAN HOWARD SHOULD BE BATTING CLEANUP. Against all comers-left, right, or sideways. Pat Burrell knocked in 117 runs? It should have been 150. Can you imagine Jim Thome batting 6th or 7th?

Give us a break, Mr. Gillick; take charge of this team. Before it’s too late.

Max Blue

Replies: 1 Comment

Everybody cares 'cept the leaders of the team...
How'd we get so far off the beam...
Soon we'll be swimming upstream
against the current...makes ya wanna scream !!!

The batting order's a mess
with guys in wrong places
don't like to 2nd guess
but we need some fresh faces...

Our crys should be heeded
Our guys are sure tryin
If they were where they're needed
we wouldn't be cryin...

Posted by ~jaybird~ @ 04/22/2006 02:40 PM EST

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