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04/23/2005 Archived Entry: "Phillies Journal - 2005"

Phillies Journal - 2005
by Max Blue



In the past he has broken our heart.
We’re still not convinced with this start.
Six games is too soon to tell
If Pat Burrell’s swing has got well.
Most likely he’ll soon fall apart.

April 10, 2005 Busch Stadium St.Louis, Missouri
Philadelphia -13 , St. Louis – 4

After six games Burrell is hitting .550 with three
homeruns and 15 RBI’s. Team is 3-3, all losses
from blown saves.


Sad echoes of the past,
the Phillies are last.
Again the Braves are on top,
and not likely to stop
‘til they nail the poor Phils to the mast.

April 15, 2005. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.
Atlanta -11, Philadelphia – 4


Just when I’m ready to quit,
J-Roll delivers a big hit.
What kind of dope
would continue to hope?
Only one with a murky dim wit.

April 16, 2005. The Bank
Philadelphia – 2, Atlanta – 1


A tenth inning comeback to win!
Bobby Cox is still rubbing his chin.
Polanco came through,
yahoo and whoop de do.
Pardon my cheese-eating grin.
April 17, 2005. The Bank.
Philadelphia - 2, Atlanta - 1


Randy Wolf’s stuff was a sight.
Eight shut-out innings- all right!
Burrell and Bell knocked in two,
the Mets played like glue,
though we had to survive a late bite.

April 18, 2005. The Bank.
Philadelphia – 5, New York Mets -4


We never had much of a chance.
Mets brought seven long balls to the dance.
Padilla and Floyd, eight runs each,
The game was soon out of our reach,
We’d be better off playing in France.

April 19, 2005. The Bank.
New York – 16, Philadelphia – 4


Yo, Ed Wade, we’ve seen it before.
Phillies team a nine-inning snore.
The Rockies are not a good team
Nor are the Phils it would seem.
We fans are plenty sore!


The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Philsville nine this day,
The score stood six to two with but one inning left to play.
The Braves’ Mike Hampton seemed to have it well in hand,
His cutter and his slider made the Phillies’ bats look bland.

Burrell and Offerman began the ninth with outs,
Braves’ fans were on their feet with tomahawks and shouts.
But when J-Mike rapped a single and David Bell did too,
Bobby Cox brought in his closer, Kolb; it looked like we were through.

If Lieberthal could get on base it meant the tying run
would come to bat at last; now wouldn’t that be fun?
Jim Thome grabbed a bat and took a stance on deck.
Kolb saw him and gulped, his nerves a total wreck.

Lieby worked the count, Kolb’s pitches wide and flat,
We’ll put up even money now with Thome at the bat.
And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered by the force of Thome’s blow.

Oh somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
And somewhere kids are laughing, and somewhere hearts are light.
But here in Philly there is no joy , our hearts forever cleft,
For Thome, mighty Thome, could only fly to left.

April 22, 2005. Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia.
Atlanta – 6, Philadelphia – 2.

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