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04/07/2005 Archived Entry: "MLB News:4/7/05"

MLB:Questions for the AL by Trent Harrison

Well even though the season is officially underway, I thought we could start all this off with a few thoughts and questions for each team for the upcoming year. By the way did Mo Rivera get traded to the Red Sox while I was out fishing? He's the best player they got right now.Starting off in the East...

Baltimore: Could the bottom half of this lineup be just as explosive as the top? Are they using a pitching machine for their rotation, or will anyone step up to be the Ace?

Boston: They have every position filled with quality to elite players. So why does this seem to be such a bad omen then?

New York: This whole lineup will probably be on the DL at some point in the season. Does anyone know where to get a hold of Barry's flaxseed oil?

Tampa Bay: Is there any chance for Pinella to show the country that he is a genuine manager in this league?

Toronto: Is the Jays lack of off-season moves a sign that they are happy where they are?

AL Central

Chicago: What do you call an enigma wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an enigma? These guys.

Cleveland: Which one of the Tribe's young guns will have to throw the team on his shoulders so the can clinch a playoff spot? (they got a few)

Detroit: Are these guys on the verge of making Magnum P.I. proud once again to don their cap?

Kansas City: What kind of talent will this club deal away this year?

Minnesota: Come September, will the Twins start to win or lose accordingly so they don't have to face those Yankees in the 1st round again?

AL West

Los Angeles or Anaheim(whatever): Is there anything more frightening to pitchers in the AL than Vlad the Impaler?

Seattle: Can this shaky rotation actually keep this hard-hitting club from the post-season?

Texas: Memo to the organization supply dept.: Buy a lot of baseballs this year, your going to need them.

Oakland: See Kansas City

So let's see how some of these things play out over the course of the year, ok? I got some thoughts and questions about the NL that will be coming up shortly. Right now I got to keep my tradition in Buffalo of catching the home-opener for their AAA team the Bisons. It's actually going to be around 55 degrees today. But as we say around here, if you don't like the weather, wait a day, it'll change.

Lots of love to you all and enjoy the season, wherever you are.

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