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04/04/2005 Archived Entry: "MLB: Baseball Opened"

MLB: Baseball Opened by Rodney Lopez

Well the opening day game between the Red Sox and Yankees has come and gone. The game had a playoff type atmosphere but ended quite anticlimactically.

I could not wait to see Randy Johnson take the mound in pinstripes. I also drooled while wringing my hands in anticipation at the prospect of Jason Giambi being boo'ed out of the stadium. Just like the game, the fans occupying "the house that Ruth built" severely disappointed. Since Ruth's accompishments were subsidized by nature, beer and hot dog's, I expected the fans to boo Jason Giambi and his falsely accumulated statistics and contract for that matter, out of the park. It did not happen - hypocrites! New York Yankees fans are supposed to be knowledgeable and sharp when it comes to baseball nuiance, forget it. That's the last time I want to hear announcers boast about fan superiority on the East Coast (by the way, I will contradict this later).

As for the game, it was billed as the battle between two potential Hall of Famers and perfect game tossers. We were one great play away from being and 13 plus run game with errors. Randy Johnson came out tweeked up and raring to go. He blew away the top three for Boston. Wells came out and threw the ball all over the place barely getting out of the first inning unscathed. In the second inning, Ortiz leadoff the inning wasting no time and saying "Randy who?", doubling down the line and lumbering into second (almost thrown out). Then Jason Varitek got all of one but was robbed by Matsui in the left field corner on a great play by Hideki and the fans. Matsui timed the jump to catch a Homer about three feet above the wall while fans in the front row leaned out of the way (there's the contradiction). hang a star on that play.

A base hit followed up the great play and drove in a run for the Red Sox, but it was all Yankees from there. Everyone in the New York line up had a hit except for Bernie Williams. I think a few fans even got in on the action and were ready to take some batting practice. The final score ended up 9 - 2 and the Yankees accomplished just what they are supposed to do, beat the Red Sox.

Just for kicks, I see weakness in this Yankee line up. I don't believe you can count on Giambi, Sierra and Bernie this season. The true stars on the team are A-Rod and Hideki. The pitching staff is old and it would not suprise me if we see lots of DL time from these guys. I don't know what holds Randy Johnson together, bailing wire and some sort of rubber compound I suppose. I think they are a house of cards just waiting for Randy's back to give way and send them reeeling. One down, 161 to go, the Red Sox are in last but I think they have time to get back into the race.

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