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11/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Mexican Pacific League News : Curt Schilling in Winter League"

By Carlos Fragoso
1988 a year to Remember by Curt Schilling

Today November 10, 2004 BoSox Heroe and a long heralded pitcher Curt Schilling, underwent ankle surgery in order to get his injured tendon repaired.
Reports on his condition are good and the forecast to get his complete recup, are also good.
But for you to know ,this date is also a good one, because back in 1988, the then Orioles prospect young Curtis Montague Schilling, playing and making his debut as Hermosillo Orange Growers, and managed by Elliott "Bump" Wills, threw what I believe was his first no hitter of his professional career, a milestone to remember not only for mexican fans but for Curt as well.
It was also a good year to remember by Curt, since he first got the big leagues, going out in 4 games, and posting his numbers in a 0-3 record.
That year he was traded to Orioles from Boston,who selected him in the second round of the 1986 draft and lost him for P Mike Boddicker along with OF Brady Anderson, who also starred in Baltimore.

He had three more outings , and finalized with a 1-2 record before he was released.
Hermosillo fans well remember Curt for his flame throwing arm, but Culiacan Tomato Grower better remember him beacuse they were victims of his No hitter.

This league, has been instrumental on playing prospect to be in major league, and comes here to polish some skills and experience, specially good hitter, are sent to learn more about breaking pitch hitting ability.
Now on its 47th season, and after having in pitcher Norman Forsythe played for debuting team Mochis and becoming the first foreign player ever in 1963 , the league has seen many prospects , such as Larry " Moose Stubing,LHP Fred Wall an Orioles prospect,Dave Marshall (Mets),Steve Dalkowski,Charles Leonard ,Bob Johnson,Bobby Driscoll, Cal Emery,Roger Freed,Dan Frisella in the 60's.

How about OF Bob Darwin (Twins), who still holds the record for mos HR in a season with 27,Paul Johnson,Elliott Wills,Alan Foster,Bruce Ellingsen, Larry Mc Dowell John Lowenstein, Hal Breeden, Leon Brown,Tim Johnson, Charlie Williams, Roric Harrison, Dusty Baker,Alan Hrabosky,Ron Schueler, Danny Walton,Darrel Evans, John Grubb, John Dave Hilton,Dennis O'Toole , Dave Freisleben, Pete LaCock ,Brian Downing ,Jerry Hairston who married his mexican wife in Guaymas,Dyar Miller ,Rich Troedson ,Derrel Thomas, John Scott, Matt Alexander ,"Butch" Metzger,Dave Wehrmeister ,Mark Ballinger , Cleveland will remember well, Seattleīs Byron McLaughlin , Jeff Newman ,Dave Winfield who hit the longest HR ever in Obregon Stadium, a shot estimated in more than 500 feet long, Bucky Dent, Kent Tekulve ,Tony Muser ,Mike Paul ,Don Kirkwood ,Jerry Remy a fine 2B ,Jerry Turner (SD) ,Pat Bourque ,Royce Stilman and Mike Reinbach ,Lamar Wright , Chet Lemon , Rich Hinton ,Mike Overy ,Ray Knight , Tom Hume, Junior Kennedy, Tom Spencer ,then all Reds propspects , John "Champ" Summers , Jerry White , Dick Selma ,Bob Castillo ,Willie Aikens ,Rick Sutcliffe ,Lyman Bostock ,Steve Ontiveros , Broderick Perkins, Larry Harlow ,Jim Riggleman ,Mike Easler ,Rudy Law ,Rich Wortham , all in the 70's.

In past 2 seasons we have had players like ther now famous, Kevin Millar, Kevin Youkilis, Mark Bellhorn who played here as recently as last year with Mochis Sugar Cane Growers, leaving good numbers behind him, and moreover, playing all season long, something unusual in foreign players who gooes away soon enough they start to either non perform or when christmas time is coming and decides to return home for holidays.

Letīs see this year who else will joined this list of top performers, or who is not famous today but will be tomorrow.

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George Theodore, the Doctor's name performing Curt Schilling surgery, and also a well known name in baseball, you might remember a long tall skinny 1B with Mets in the 70's,even playing in 1973 world series, he also played good baseball in mexican pacific league with Obregon Yaquis, it looks like everything is around baseball and it's coincident.

Posted by Carlos Fragoso @ 11/11/2004 08:10 AM EST

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